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The easiest and quickest way to buy with your credit or debit card

Buy up to 10,000 USD or EUR per day.
No registration. Instant processing. Receive in minutes!

NEW: Maximum €/$10,000 per day and €/$50,000 per month.
Processing fee (min €/$10) is charged on top. NEW: Buy directly with EUR!
Do not use this page to pay for invoices - use your personal address. Don't have one?

Note. If buying for the first time, you will have to go through a quick integrated identity verification process (KYC). You will have to perform verification even if you already have a verified account on CoinGate. Please take into account that transactions are carried out in USD/EUR. If you are paying from a card loaded with another currency, bank fees may be applied for conversion.

Disclaimer. Buying bitcoins with credit / card page on this page is carried out by card processing company Simplex - CoinGate acts only as a referrer to Simplex. Your card orders will not be reflected on your CoinGate account dashboard. We kindly ask you to contact Simplex at if you have any questions about your order, as we do not hold any information about your payment status nor control over payout timeframes.

Why buy Bitcoin from CoinGate?

Buying Bitcoin with credit card or debit card from CoinGate is probably the quickest and the most convenient option on the market.

Here are our benefits:

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Get bitcoins (almost) instantly: paying by card and receiving your Bitcoin usually takes minutes!

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No need to verify your identity before making a purchase. No need to register an account, either.

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Purchase up to $/€10,000 per day, and $/€50,000 per month.

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What you buy is what you get! Bitcoin exchange rate is locked at the moment of purchase.

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Pay from over 70 countries (including the United States) with pretty much any bank card.

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Card processing is carried out by our partner Simplex, a company that specializes in Bitcoin and fraud prevention.

Want to SELL Bitcoin instead? Sign Up Now!

You can sell your bitcoins on CoinGate and receive EUR or USD transferred directly to your bank account.

Guide to buying Bitcoin with Debit / Credit Card

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Step 1

Enter your personal details, including your mobile number, and your billing address. In this window you can also see the amount your card will be charged in U.S. Dollars or Euros. Check the box (if you agree to terms and privacy policy), and then click Continue.

Step 2

You will now have to verify your email address and phone number. Check your inbox for an email confirmation link, and expect a text message with a 4-digit code that you will have to enter on-screen, or a phone call if you indicated a landline number. When you confirm your email address and phone number, the red X marks will turn into check marks, and you can proceed by clicking Continue.

Step 3

Enter your card details here. Most of major credit and debit card brands are accepted (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro), as well as some prepaid and virtual cards. Make sure your card details match the billing address you entered in Step 2. Note that you will not be billed just yet – your card will be checked for the required purchase value, and you will then have to proceed to ID verification. Click Pay Now.

Step 4

Selfie time. You will now have to upload a selfie of yourself holding the card you are using for payment. Your full name and the first and last four digits of your card number must be visible, but you can cover the 8 middle digits with your fingers.

Step 5

Upload your ID document of choice: passport (double-page), national ID card (both sides), or driver’s licence (both sides). Upload each side of a document one by one. For increased chance of payment approval, consider uploading a second document, or even all three. Proceed when you have uploaded the documents.

Step 6

If all goes well, bitcoins will reach your wallet in a few minutes time. Depending on Bitcoin network load, the transaction may take up to an hour to be confirmed.

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