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* Minimum purchase is 50 USD. Included in the price is a 5% fee (minimum 10 USD)

** Use your personal Bitcoin address. Do not use this page to pay for invoices.

Guide to buying with Debit/Credit Card

Buying with Debit/Credit Card is a convenient option particularly because your purchase is completed quicker than by bank/wire transfer. Card processing is carried out entirely by our partner company SimplexCC, and is completely secure. Accepted cards include VISA, MasterCard, and some virtual, prepaid and other cards.

The Bitcoin exchange rate at the moment of your purchase will be locked. What this means, is that you will receive the exact amount of bitcoins entered at your checkout screen (you may benefit or incur loss from this depending on Bitcoin price volatility). Please note that this is contrary to buying Bitcoin at CoinGate by bank/wire transfer.

For regulation and safety purposes, you will have to go through a quick identity verification process (also called Know-Your-Customer or simply KYC). You will have to enter your First and Last Name, Phone, and upload your ID document (you will have to go through this process even if you have a verified account on CoinGate).

After verification is finished, your payment will be processed within 1 hour, typically. However, some cases may require up to 24 hours, as indicated by our card processing partner. You will be notified by email once your payment has been reviewed.

Please note that card purchases have a 5% fee (minimum $10) charged by Simplex, in addition to our 2% fee. All fees are included in the price displayed to you – your card will not be charged more than the indicated amount.

For example, you enter 0,5 into Amount field. You are shown that the Price (including processing fee*) is $500. Your card will be charged exactly $500, and your Bitcoin address will be funded with exactly 0,5 BTC.

Please note that transactions are carried out in USD. If you are paying from a card loaded with EUR, bank fees will be applied for conversion of EUR to USD.